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Instant Pot Salmon Curry Soup

By Keto Cat / June 7, 2020

Last night’s keto creation experiment was Instant Pot Salmon Curry Soup. It was hot in my kitchen, and I had spent all day in an online conference. I had no desire to cook. But, I’ve been way to lax during the COVID-19 stay-at-home advisories, not moving enough and too much stress eating. On top of that, […]


Instant Pot Keto Pizza Soup

By Keto Cat / November 22, 2019

It’s Friday night. And in my house, that means Instant Pot Keto Soup. This recipe is basically a meat lover’s pizza in a bowl. It’s got ground beef, pepperoni, and Italian sausage. It’s keto, tasty, and ready with almost no effort. Pizza on Keto? The number one food I missed switching to keto was pizza. […]


Keto Stuffed Meatballs

By Keto Cat / October 24, 2019

These keto stuffed meatballs should be called “amazeballs”. I made a large batch so I could freeze some for another meal. They took a little while to assemble. But, it was well worth the little bit of effort. Don’t let the quantity scare you off. You could always cut this recipe in half or down […]


Easy Keto Chicken Curry

By Keto Cat / June 30, 2017

I finally have an easy, delicious Keto Chicken Curry that I love! Indian food is a huge weakness of mine. I love the rich sauces and unusual spices.  A plate of chicken curry over rice was a staple dish for me in my pre-keto days. Unfortunately, when I switched to a ketogentic diet, Indian food, […]


Baked Chipotle Lime Salmon

By Keto Cat / February 28, 2017

Hi keto eaters! I gave a lot of thought as to what the first recipe here should be. Baked chipotle lime salmon was the clear winner. This salmon dish is easy, quick, loaded with healthy fats, and tasty. It’s perfect for when you are short on time or short on energy, but need to stick to […]